Easter Decorations – 3 Clever Ideas

Let the spring fever go viral this Easter. Bring out the décor enthusiast in you with creative floral arrangements to celebrate the great spring holiday. Choose your favorite spring blossoms and turn them into statement Easter decorations in no time. Read on for the most unique yet easy Easter floral decorations:

1. Glossy flower Easter eggs

This Easter, paint the eggs with spring flowers and leaves – an activity kids would adore! Poke a hole at the top and bottom of the eggs, blow-dry the moist insides and harden the shell with PVA glue. Now, comes the fun part – choose delicate leaves and flowers like ferns, Primrose, and Lilac, and with the help of transparent PVA glue, stick them to the surface of the eggs. As they dry, the eggs transform into shiny egg decorations.

2. Floral centerpieces

Make a showstopper flower centerpiece – cut out carton egg cups in groups of 3 or 4 and paint them in light pastel. Make a circular arrangement and fill them with your favorite spring blooms, eggs, and treats. Yet another centerpiece idea to brighten up your tabletop could be a multi-colored tulip tray. Fill up a wooden tray with small terracotta tulip pots. Seal the gaps with decorative moss and place dyed eggs on them.

3. Fragrant Spring wreaths

For your front door, create a classy grapevine wreath with classic Easter lilies, purple flowers, and ribbons bundled up on one side. Or, bring the entire garden to your door – create a tightly packed ring of daffodils, tulips, lilies, and all your favorite spring flowers. Insert the colorful and fragrant blossoms onto a foam wreath. Finish up the look with a necktie knot and ribbon.

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